Cacique Cotija 283g (Single)


Cacique Cotija 283g (Single)

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Country of Origin: Product of USA 

Halal: No

Cotija is a finishing cheese that's off-white and dry, crumbly in texture. Robust, strong-flavored aged cheese, with a dry, salty and notorious granular texture, it resembles in flavor to parmesan or feta.
Cotija is an enhancer. Take your dishes to the next level by crumbling or grating over pinto beans, tacos, or soups where you'd like to add a bit of saltiness and tang in flavor. Cotija does not melt. Mostly used as a topping or mixed into sauces. Perfect for enchiladas, tostadas, or tacos.

› Real Californian Milk
› Authentic Mexican Cheese
› Certified Gluten Free
› Made with Grade A Pasteurized Cow's Milk that's Not Treated with rBST*